You CAN and WILL make money investing in the stock market to achieve financial freedom.

I analyze the stock market so you don’t have to.

I monitor and evaluate the U.S. indexes daily to predict trends. I then broadcast my portfolio adjustments in real-time to my subscribers so they may mimic the moves. This allows you to continue your pursuits and passions while making money in the stock market.

It feels great to effortlessly beat the market.

Markets are cyclical. By timing trends, one can be invested during an uptrend and on the sidelines during a downtrend. This allows gains to be maximized.

Pure performance you can take to the bank.

As the old proverbial phrase goes, “The proof is in the pudding”. To understand the exact returns being achieved I have publicly published my past portfolio movements below.

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Who is this service for?

Folks that wish to save and build wealth for retirement. Any person wishing to put to work reserve funds by investing. Anyone with no desire to learn and understand the intricacies of a stock market but wishes to build wealth by investing.

What style of investing is this?

This style is a hybrid of swing trading and short term investing. Investors may hold positions in the stock market from 0ne week to many months.

What makes you qualified?

In addition to the realized returns posted above; from June of 2014 to June of 2016 I learned, studied and practiced a proprietary analytical investing method that uses strict rules and discipline. My rigid practice gives an advantage by removing the human’s natural psychology of fears and desires.

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I have other investment vehicles such as a CD, IRA and/or 401k; may I still invest?

Absolutely! Investors may keep those vehicles and invest too. Later down the road one might find oneself liquidating any one instrument or all to build greater wealth as my investment vehicle has the potential to outperform those other vehicles.

How liquid are the securities?

Liquidity is not an issue. Investors can easily invest as little as several hundred dollars to as great as millions of dollars.

How do I get started?

To begin, one will want to organize their finances and determine the exact funds available for investing. Once the funds have been allocated, next will be to select a stock broker. Any online broker will do however, I highly recommend Robinhood (linked here), an app based service with free stock trading. Finally, a subscription to my portfolio broadcast service will guarantee one’s success in the market. Below are three subscription choices for purchase.

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BUY NOW 12-MONTHS: $223.00

BUY NOW 24-MONTHS: $402.00

BUY NOW 36-MONTHS: $548.00

How does this work?

The beauty of my portfolio broadcast system is simplicity. The first step will be to fund your new stock broker account. The second step is to become a subscriber of my portfolio broadcast service. Finally, it’s simply a matter of mimicking the moves I make. That’s it! Congratulations, you’re now ready to begin a successful investing journey!

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